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Despite the number of times that Ra Uru Hu mentioned that the Rave I-Ching is a catalogue of homogenized roles of the Not-Self - very particularly the text that references its 384 lines - it is clear that this is something that has not been completely assimilated by anyone, not even by those that have entered to study the Human Design System in depth. What this means is that in reality, the Rave I-Ching is a catalogue of human roles that are diminished to simple characters when the individuals that embody them express them within the constraints of ‘normality’.

Nobody ignores that the world of the Not-Self is nothing more than an absurdly homogenized movie of ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’, of ‘winners and losers’, of ‘men and women’… which has been running of the screen since immemorial times and is reproduced by each new generation of human beings that are born to put their shoulder to the great wheel of evolution of the forms of life, amongst which we humans tend to identify with a starring role.

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