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Ibizalok 2017 - From Theory to Experience


IbizAlok 2017

by Alokanand Díaz - August 1st to 24th - Ibiza & Online


Once again, the time of the year is coming when I need to inform the public about the events programmed for the Summer School I hold in my house in Ibiza every year since 2011. As always, what drives me is the desire that the experience lived during each day marks the difference between mere theoretical understanding and the assimilation and integration that can only come with one’s own direct and personal experience.

Though the contains of the different programs that I offer this year might be more appealing to some than to others, the truth is that the most valuable aspect of these events is the experiential flavor that one can breathe in the environment, where what one feels during the direct interaction of auras certifies the living truth of what is being learned. In very few occasions do you have access to learn about the Human Design System with such an emphasis on the human factor, which is in the end where the most practical application of this system makes the greatest difference in the personal life of people.

Those who have already been in some of the previous events are welcomed to return, and to those who have never come yet I want to make a formal invitation to share with me a vacation that, beyond memorable, will mark a difference in the way you feel life pass through the very core of who you really are.

I trust that all of those who would like to participate can find something of their interest in the program. You shall see that there are offers for different taste and levels. There will be a day off between one course and the next, so that those who want to take the opportunity for exploring and enjoying the island can do so. As we have already done in previous years, we’ll organize some external activity in order to enjoy living one’s design in direct contact with the Sun, the Beach, good food, music, company… and all the humanity that each one feels ready to share.

The format of the school will follow the same pattern as in previous years, in which in almost all courses I will illustrate what is being taught with practical examples taken from everyday lives and based on the design of the participants.

If you have any questions you can write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Early Bird (until June 21st) 10%
More than one course 20%
The whole Summer School 25%

*Not applicable to Professional Training (PTL 2 and PTL 4)




August 1st to 3rd PTL 2 - Planetary Transits and Cycles of Maturation
August 4th PTL 4 - The Praxis of Analysis
August 6th tol 9th The Four Views of Rave Analysis
August 6th: Red and Black in Rave Analysis
August 7th: Definition in Rave Analysis
August 8th: Type in Rave Analysis
August 9th: Authority in Rave Analysis
Rave ABC + Rave Cartography + The Four Views (4 days of practical examples)
August 11th and 12th The Mechanics of Money and Sexuality Clinic
August 14th to 24th Rave Socxiology and the Rave I-Ching


In order to make it easier for participants, and considering that August is high season on the island, we are offering an appartment for rent to share accomodation with other participants.

If you are interested, you can contact my office for the details by writing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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