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The more you are driven by Not-Self questions, the more answers you will get that are simply not true, and your questions will only multiply. The more you worry, well, the more yo

u simply worry. The more you understand about what you are not, the more reasons you find to worry. That’s why returning and sticking to your mental dilemma is so natural and healthy. “

Who am I for myself...? Oh, my dog, I don’t know. I better wait and keep myself entertained. I’m here to define myself through what I do, not through what I think. So, let

me find something that I simply love to do now while I don’t know what to do next."

That’s how a Generator keeps him/herself from doing all kind of things to make the world 'a better place'. Don’t try to make your life better; learn to enjoy it and see it for what it is rather then for what you think it should be. Ask yourself, is there anything in your life you can enjoy right now? Then don't hesitate and simply do that! That’s what your mental dilemma is all about and what it does when you play with it correctly. Are you asking yourself the right question?

If you are a Generator, that’s exactly how you align yourself to the way your form is designed to operate out of response. The Head Center is about confusion, doubt and mystery. We all experience all of that, even though we are more predisposed towards the one or the other. The Head is all about passenger consciousness, this is where the personality crystal is located; outside of the body. Anxiety is what happens to the passenger in you when you try to enter with your mind into the biochemical tunnels of the brain, when you ask yourself the wrong questions about yesterdays and tomorrows, and you try to find today the best answers for tomorrow, because you can’t see tomorrow. Nobody can.

Please, get out of that movie, and for the sake of your satisfaction, ask yourself the right question: “Who am I for myself...? I don’t know... but I see what’s there in front of me. Life is there in front of me." Maybe you don’t need to know now what you're going to be for the rest of your life, maybe you just don’t need to know who you are as a concept. Maybe it’s enough if you know how to move as yourself, how to do everything as yourself.” And then, as you are satisfied with what you do, self-realization is going to bring a very different quality into the very core of your existence then the one you had when you were trying to be what you are not, and all you were meeting is resistance.


In the not-self world, being a non-energy type is a deep handicap that has to be compensated with smartness. You have no muscle? Well then get yourself some brains. This is the evolutionary process of humanity anyway. The further you go in our past, the more muscle we needed to survive. Now we live in times where with a click we can remove things out of the way. We developed our brain, and projectors are here to take advantage of that cognitive development. They’re here to be suckers for information, because when they meet information that transforms them, that’s what they can offer it as awareness in return to others.

The true potential of projectors lies in awareness, not in just accumulating information





Manifestors are not here for power. When Manifestors get stuck with power they become dangerous to themselves and others, because there will be tyranny. Never knowing when enough is enough, they become obsessed with controlling everything and not being controlled by anyone.

They’re here to confront and manage fear at all times at the most primary of levels, where they don’t stay away from doing something just because of fear. If they`re afraid of something, it might just be a sign that they have to do it, at least to know what the fear is all about.

There’s always a first time for everything, and all the first times carry no guarantee, there’s only the combination of fear and/or excitement. Someone has always taken on the responsibilities of challenging our deepest fears of the unexplored and unknown, because if you live in fear, where is the Peace of the Manifestor going to come from?







Now that we are leaving behind the part of the yearly solar program that is most heavily loaded with uncertainty, namely the whole realm of Mitra’s face (gates 37, 63, 22 and 36), the flow is bringing the inspiration to express something that has been popping back and forth in my mind during this whole period of time. How exceedingly important it is to be aware of the power of questions.

Consciousness does not have to lead to awareness. It is even fortunate that there are two very distinct terms in English language to describe what actually are two completely different mechanisms, in the way they participate in fueling the cognitive processes of the human mind, because in most of the other European languages there seems to be only one single term for both, which speaks mountains for the lack of awareness in conscious human beings.

Being myself someone born on the Cross of Consciousness, and having definition everywhere between the Head and Ajna centers - except for gate 24 - I truly am someone who’s life has been transformed as I changed my attitude towards questions in general, and my own questions in particular.

Quarter of Initiation


"When you live by someone else’s answers, every question that emerges becomes a source of anxiety and nervousness"


Every quarter starts with a gate that belongs to the cross of the Sphinx, which provides it with its fundamental direction in life. Like the other three quarters, the Quarter of Initiation is divided in two halves by one of the 4 gates that make up the cross of the Vessel of Love. As is suggested by the monopole functions of these particular two crosses, the holistic approach or purpose in each quarter is consequently processed very differently in the first 8 gates of the quarter - which are driven to filter in accordance to the holistic purpose of the Sphinx gate at the beginning of each quarter - than it is in the second group of 8 gates, which compose the second half of the quarter, where the sense of purpose is driven by a holistic frequency that is entirely different through the added magnetism of Love.

QUARTER OF MUTATION: Purpose fulfilled through Transformation

With all certainty is the ‘Quarter of Mutation’ generally the most easily misunderstood and yet prone to lead to misjudgement and false generalizations. What kind of transformation could it be referring to, isn’t that right?

The thing is that our ideas about ‘transformation’ and about what is ‘transformable’ is, and I say this also with all certainty, not only one of the most deeply homogenized in humanity, but also the one that is most submitted to dogmas of every kind. A dogma is nothing but a rational way of excusing and justifying human misery, no matter of which order and origin.

As we live out our lives (incorrectly), led by the distorted power we give to our ‘reasons’, we unavoidably accumulate anger and disappointment, frustration and resentments, that with the passing of the years make the worst dogmas of our forefathers find reassurance of their validity given the evidences one can find of them in the way one’s own life has been transformed, and by the way the life experiences have slowly but surely transformed also the purity of the spirit with which one was once born.


The Face of Michael and the theme of Justice

Like in any other quarter, the line of transition into the Godhead that embodies the principles of Love for the entire quarter is a very important marker of all the unresolved human dilemmas that cast their shadow unto the first half of each quarter. In this case, we have the line of Justice, or ‘just-ice’, like Ra used to ‘joke’ about it.

It so happens to be my emotional Manifestor line that makes me the ‘Jack of all Trades’ that I am. It is something obvious to any adult member of the human species that the ‘Empire of Law’ (rooted in survival fears and potential awareness of the Spleen) cannot guarantee ‘Justice’ (rooted in the release of feelings in the SP) amongst human beings, because they all seem to be born with as much potential for creative ‘goodness’, living in emotional peace with others, as for destructive anger and ‘evilness’ that threatens social integration.

Mitra’s Face and the Power of Questions

The impact of the gods upon the human psyche has always been so deep that, despite of knowing their pervasive capacity to condition us, I cannot avoid feeling some personal ‘inclinations’ that seem to serve some of them better than others, obviously rooted in the way my own design is predisposed to resonate with life, but also in what drives my Not-Self mind to identify with these ‘unifying’ and ‘uniforming’ forces of… homogenization in the end. That is why most human beings have a better relationship with whatever ‘their’ Godhead is than they will ever have with themselves.

Self-condemnation is the most common disease in the spirit of human beings, and most exceptions to that become the manifestation of those who are ready to condemn everybody else… and no counting of the innocent. Awareness has to be something else.

Kali’s Face and Valentine’s Day

A couple of weeks back, as the Sun entered the 41.1, we’ve entered into a new Rave Year Cycle, which reveals the main imprint that is going to condition the overall ‘Ambient’ in the solar frequency of this year 2013, but in a few days, as the Sun passes from the end of gate 19 – Approach- which is the last gate of the Quarter of Mutation, into the 1st line of gate 13 - Fellowship of Men – which is the first gate of the Quarter of Initiation - what we are starting is another yearly incarnation cycle, in which the daily power of the Sun will update the complete repertoire of the human Catalogue of roles that are available in the chemistry of human genes.

‘Eusociality’ – The common link between human and insect

One of the most heretical statements that I heard come out of Ra Uru Hu in his later years was when he said that “the family is not human”. It struck me like something I had absolute certainty about, as it did so many other times when I heard him express the essence of some mechanical truth.

And this is a wonderful place to start any introduction about ‘Pentha’ and group dynamics, because this is the only healthy way to understand the distortion of what happens through group dynamics in the average day of the family life, where everybody’s role is conditioned in its expression by the permanent demand to submit to a pre-established set of rules that is not truly representative of any of its members.

The Numbers of Uniqueness

Alphabet and Numbers
The Magic of Numbers
ONE is a Point, TWO is a Line, and THREE is a Triangle
FOUR is a Square, FIVE is a Pentagon, and SIX is a spiralling Circle
This is the Poetry of Geometry in Movement

The Existential and irresolvable Mystery of Uniqueness in the ONE
The Dynamism and potentially fertile Friction that emerges when Uniqueness meets in the TWO
The Compromising Tension that turns Uniqueness into a Problem when it tries to merge into a THREE

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Gates can be looked at in many different ways, since of all the elements visible in the surface imprinting of any individual Rave Body Graph, a ‘hanging’ gate is the one element that can carry the greatest number of diversified values. Depending on whether the centre where the gate is active is defined or not, whether the centre it is pointing at is defined or not, or whether there are any and how many definitions in the same circuit of which the gate is a part, or whether its imprinting comes from the Sun or the Nodes or any of the other many planetary imprinting agents, the value of a gate can and has to be analyzed and interpreted from many different angles.

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