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Lines of Differentiation
09 May 2018 18:00 – 20:00

Human beings are stuck fighting with their own basic characteristics at the very surface of their design, and that’s why the distortion in which they live out their lives cannot be easily fixed. It takes seven years for any individual to grow fully aware of the multiple layers of conditioning that have piled up in his or her consciousness through all the openness that can be found in their Rave

Many think naively that after completion of the first seven year cycle those layers of conditioning will magically fade away, but that is not how it works. Actually, it is this deconditioning process that slowly but surely transforms those layers of distorted consciousness into substantiated personal wisdom that will keep you away from identifying with what you are not. This is the moment when one becomes aware of one’s own differentiated geometry and purpose, and the themes inherent in the ‘Cross of Life’ simply take over.
The ‘Cross of Life’ is made up of the activated lines in the 4 gates of our incarnation cross and in the 2 to 4 gates of our Nodal Polarities.

This is the main cognitive framework that distinguishes the 70% of the makeup that makes one human being cognitively different from another, and this framework is what takes over in the individual life when the conditioning forces lose their power because they have been internally disarmed. These lines can be harmonic and resonant amongst themselves or not, which opens up the practically infinite field of diversity and potential individual differentiation that is possible when our consciousness is no longer homogenized.

Illusion Moves from the Base Up
10 May 2018 18:00 – 20:00 - Virtual Classroom

In order to become aware of the forces that make human beings remain attached and identified with what they are not, which is the main source of their suffering, one has to connect to the passenger consciousness, which is the only place where the behavior of the mind can be observed on the inside. This force is called ‘Transference’ and its most basic drive is to harmonize with the environmental forces (Parents, Family, etc) from the moment we come into the world. It is only natural to fall into transference during that early time, because in the first seven years of our life none of us is sufficiently grown and prepared to define our own self and uniqueness. It is during this time that we develop ‘attitudes’ that are designed to avoid punishment and feel loved by those that our wellbeing depends upon.

PTL 1 - Semester 3 - May 2018 Kiev & Online
31 May 2018 10:00 – 03 July 2018 19:00


The Human Design System is the absolute of the Mechanics of the Maya. Human Design is mechanical knowledge. Everything in Human Design is mechanical and entirely dualistic. How many times have you heard this kind of sentence since you have been introduced to it? It sounds good, doesn't it?

And yet, by the time you have completed the 'General Training' (Rave ABC and Rave Cartography) the mind tends to be very busy trying to remember the different parts and views into which you have learnesd to deconstruct any Rave body Graph that is laid out in front of you.

The difficulty lies in putting all the pieces back together until they form a holistic mechanical unity in movement, or, what is the same, a human being experiencing the full spectrum of diversity in life. A human being, however, that is seen from a completely demystified black and white (red) perspective, in which the homogenized personality is always being faced with helplessness and incompetence as a bottom line existential dilemma. "We are objects moving in space", Ra Uru Hu would say.

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