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New Rave Year 2018 with Alokanand Díaz

22 January 2018 19:00 – 21:00
This event is online

Surely the most fascinating aspect, and the most consistent, of what we call the program, is rooted in the yearly solar cycle. That is why the day (one spin of the Earth upon itself) and the year (one spin of the Earth around the Sun) have naturally become the most consistent elements in the measuring of what we call Time. If you only do the minimum research on the origins of the Gregorian calendar, you will soon discover that there is so much dogma and confusion about when exactly the true beginning of the year actually is, that one can only be thankful to have the logical perspective that Human Design offers in contemplating the implications of what it means to start a new solar cycle, both globally and individually.


The Yuxtaposition of the wheel with the I-Ching and its genetic correspondences allows us to understand the life sequence as it is designed to manifest in the world of form, and the way it relates to the Rave Bodygraph allows us to understand the way humankind has forever been blinded by the conditioning forces that we call the ‘Godheads’, and the way these forces have kept human emotions breathing primitively beneath the homogenizing power of a mind that pretended to represent the purity of reason. Then again, we know now that the purity of reason can only be measured by homogenized ‘divine’ standards, and so it goes, since humankind as a whole is so deeply trapped in the program that every step ahead brings us closer to the recognition of our collective limitations to control the expansion of the life process and its impact on our species.

Considering how little the program has to do with any individual life, my focus on these occasions is mainly on the issues that stand in front of humankind as a whole in these times of global change and mutation that keep everybody on alert, as if everyone could sense the increasing urge to find a miraculous solution to humanity’s present problems and uncertainty about the future.

Everything I learned about Human Design I learned from Ra himself, and I have translated his Rave New Year lectures from the first to the last. However, as an experiential and emotional being that I am, my own experience over the last 24 years of dedicated empirical investigation has taught me to feel at peace with trusting the way these solar cycles that bring us closer to the doorway of the mutation of the human Solar Plexus in 2027, come out of me.

If my personal style appeals to you and this is a theme of your interest, you are very welcome to join me for the lecture I will hold online on Monday, January 22nd 2018 at 18:00 UTC (19:00 local time in Spain), in my virtual classroom.

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