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The Family Constellation Certification

17 August 2018 00:00 – 20 August 2018 23:59 - Online

I have taught this course online quite a bunch of times through the IHDS, both while Ra was still alive as much as after, when he was no longer there, and feel now that it is about time to do it live for once. It will have the same structure as online in the sense that it will be divided in two parts.

The first part is an introductory level that is open to the general public and covers the general mechanics of the way in which the transauric entity called Penta impacts the individual life of every family member with its inherently distortive ‘unidirectionality’. We shall learn about the mutative psychology of group dynamics as the number of family members increases, which is one of the more practical aspects of this knowledge since it is something that can be objectively observed and measured wherever human beings gather in small groups, where the relationships amongst them tend to always be loaded with stuff that we all take deeply and seriously personal.

We will also deconstruct the mechanical structure of the Penta from all possible angles that can contribute to understand the dilemmas that are intrinsic to the family life, with a special focus on the way in which the inherent hierarchy of every human group is dominated by two themes; Roles and Rules.
In the second half of the program we will look at what the professional and psychological approach can be, using real live examples from the participants who would like to see their own family worked with in class. We will look into the essential aspects of the fundamental role of the mother and the father as the only indirect way to have access to benefit the children with this knowledge, and we will do the most important and challenging work of all, which is to learn to cope with the conditionings inherent in living every daily of your life immersed in one of the densest conditioning fields that exist, the Family, without suffering the burden of taking it any more personal than it truly is.
When you don’t understand the mechanics that drive and control the live of the Not-Self, the inherent dysfunctionality of ANY human group becomes a focus for homogenized blame, shame and guilt, when there is truly no need for it, if we could only stop measuring our own humanity and that of those we love by any kind of homogenized standard or believe.
The second part of the program is only for those who would like to be certified as professional Family Constellation Analysts, and the requirement is that they either already are professional analysts or they are on their way to become one (studying PTL1 or further). For those who want to take part and are not analysts yet, the final certification would be kept on hold until their professional studies have been completed and they become officially certified as a HD professional Analyst.

Intro Glossary:

  • Penta: A transauric Entity
  • Auras and Numbers
  • Roles & Rules
  • The Pentagram and its Locks
  • Definition and Gaps in the Penta

You can opt to attend only this half of the course (not certified). Price 400€

Certification Glossary:

  • The Homogenization of Identity
  • The Dysfunctional Family
  • The Role of the Mother
  • Coping with Conditioning
  • Examples

4 days. Four Daily 90-minute sessions starting at 10:00 am until 7:00 pm

Price of the Certified course: 1000 Euro (EB 900 Before June 15th)

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