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Having a hard time accepting the absolute of your own Authority and Truth?

Then you have come to the right place.

Being born on the Right Angle Cross of Consciousness with an Investigator / Martyr Profile, I was truly not designed to accept any kind of absolute at face value, especially not when what is demanded is that I surrender to an ‘inner’ Authority (Emotional in my case) that challenges the very foundations of my own rational mind.

A Human Design Reading is not like anything you have experienced before. There are no symbols that need to be interpreted here, but the Analysis you will receive is entirely based on mechanical formulas that represent a logical absolute. There is truly nothing to believe in whatever you are being told.

No matter what specific area of your design or your life the reading is focusing on, nothing is really true until your Strategy and inner Authority can confirm it in your own personal experience.  That is why you will never get any more important reading than the initial one, where you will find out about the correct way in which your decisions can fertilize your life rather than distorting it.

Strategy and Authority are truly the only practical keys to all the magic that can grow out of your uniqueness. The decisions that come out of them determine the Tempo of your Life (When and Where) and Who has the right to play a Role in it (What and How). Everything else is nothing but ‘Signposts’ for the alignment of your Personality along the way. They are helpful, there is no doubt, but they can mislead you like everything else the moment you give them more importance than operating according to your overall nature. It is only through the continued practice of your Strategy and Authority that every other key gets naturally integrated in your consciousness as you open yourself up to the experimentation with your uniqueness.

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Individual Analysis

The Individual Analysis has the potential to be the most important step a human being can take in life.

It is impressive to the point of shock to recognize all the things that you had deeply misunderstood about yourself so clearly portrayed in a nine centered mechanical graph.

That graph is a mechanical representation of the specific functionality of your aura.

Partnership Analysis

Is there anything more challenging than any kind of Partnership?

Without our connection to others, ‘knowing oneself’ would not carry much purpose, would it?

If seeing oneself through the mechanics offers a simultaneously shocking and freeing picture, to see one’s relationships through the mechanics is both rather hilarious and disconcerting.  How vulnerable we are to the functioning of our own aura when we don’t understand it properly.

Sexuality Analysis

Given its transcendence, it is understandable that Sex has become and remains to be a taboo for way too many.

Even for those like me, who were born to be an expression of the sexual revolution that brought about most transformation in social protocols, sexuality is something that is full of myth and fascination.

Family Analysis

More than a reading, this is a clinical process.

If partnerships are an open challenge to the maintenance of one’s uniqueness, families are directly and unavoidably oppressive with the demands of uniqueness, for obvious reasons.

We have all started in one, and most of us moved from the inherited one to the one we ourselves have created.

Life is deeply ironic in allowing us to see ourselves at the other end of the equation from when we were small and the ones being conditioned by our parents and siblings.

Cycle Analysis

As nine centered beings and members of a transitional species, our maturation process varies enormously from everything we have observed in the generations that preceded, where after a certain age life is nothing but a downhill deterioration process, both mentally and physically.

In average, we are born to live a life that leaves behind the old barriers of Saturn’s cycle of 29.6 years to move around the Sun (also known as Kronos, the god of Time) and stretches out to the 84 years that equals the orbital cycle of Uranus, the ruler of the new timeline of all members of our species.

Transit Analysis

Because of our unique configuration, there are moments in the evolution of things where our Design may seem to be specifically challenged by the activation of gates and/or channels by the planetary transiting field.

It is during those times that operating with loyalty to your own nature is most essential, because the seductive power of transiting planets can easily push one in the wrong direction.

Cross of Life Analysis

This reading is the beginning step for those who are ready to embrace the geometry that emerges out of being surrendered to their strategy and inner authority.

This is where the Incarnation Cross starts taking over the Consciousness of the being and coloring deeply every attempt to establish the natural role that is inherent in our Profile. 

In many ways, herein lies the possibility to start the process of enjoying the new awareness that is possible out of the unique expression of that role.

4 Transformations Analysis

The level of differentiation that you get to experience is proportional to the dedication with which YOU experiment empirically with the possibility of surrendering to the uniqueness of your design.

Human Design is probably not the first body of knowledge that is rooted in ‘loving oneself’, but it surely is the first one that goes way beyond representing a more or less challenging philosophy, because it offers an ‘instruction manual’ that describes a specific methodology for each single individual.

Not in vane do we call it the Science of Differentiation.

Featured Product

24h 20min audio files + illustrations

Gates can be looked at in many different ways, since of all the elements visible in the surface imprinting of any individual Rave Body Graph, a ‘hanging’ gate is the one element that can carry the greatest number of diversified values. Depending on whether the centre where the gate is active is defined or not, whether the centre it is pointing at is defined or not, or whether there are any and how many definitions in the same circuit of which the gate is a part, or whether its imprinting comes from the Sun or the Nodes or any of the other many planetary imprinting agents, the value of a gate can and has to be analyzed and interpreted from many different angles.

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