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Having a hard time accepting the absolute of your own Authority and Truth?

Then you have come to the right place.

Being born on the Right Angle Cross of Consciousness with an Investigator / Martyr Profile, I was truly not designed to accept any kind of absolute at face value, especially not when what is demanded is that I surrender to an ‘inner’ Authority (Emotional in my case) that challenges the very foundations of my own rational mind.

A Human Design Reading is not like anything you have experienced before. There are no symbols that need to be interpreted here, but the Analysis you will receive is entirely based on mechanical formulas that represent a logical absolute. There is truly nothing to believe in whatever you are being told.


In this section you will find a broad spectrum of IHDS Certified Programs that reflect the life long training that Alokanand Diaz has been through in his professional development. Today he is enabled to create out of his own depth of understanding the human form and the transition that it is going through in its cognitive potential.

In any area and level of the knowledge that he approaches as a teacher, the depth of the foundation of his understanding is combined with an integrated capacity to elaborate and synthesize information.

If you would like to participate in one of these trainings next time they are offered, or if you would like to participate as an auditor at a discounted rate, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


It is said that one experience is worth more than a thousand words. Human Design Clinics are courses in which the charts of the participants are used as an example for a certain type of Analysis. For obvious reasons, this way of learning has the most impact as well as being the most trustworthy. The mechanical absolute of your design cannot be established by anybody else than you.

As analysts, all we can do is describe the mechanical patterns, always of a dualistic nature, and the human experiences that are most likely, for good and for bad, that are going to emerge out of that predisposition. But it is YOU, and only YOU, who sees himself or not mirrored through those themes.

Uno a Uno

Todo está en constante movimiento en el espacio. También nosotros somos objetos moviéndose en el espacio con todo lo demás, porque nada puede ser realmente separado en el río cuántico de la existencia. Sólo la vanidad mental de los humanos crea el fenómeno ilusorio de separación durante el tiempo que seas capaz de soportar la dolorosa futileza de proyectar tu identidad de ese modo. Yo lo sé bien, pues también yo soy humano.

Cuando puedes dejar atrás tu apego a un estado de conciencia tan profundamente opresivo, no sólo cambia la percepción que tienes del movimiento en general, sino que comienzas a darte cuente que, como todo lo que forma parte de la existencia, el movimiento de tu propia vida emerge a partir de un cierto fractal.

Self Study

There was a time when becoming a professional analyst was the only way to go if you wanted to know more about what Human Design can reveal for you, but fortunately those times have passed.

There is a variety of ways that will allow you to move forward in your process and integrate the information rooted in your own individual existential dilemmas without having to hold anybody’s hand or follow any set path. This is what attracted me the most in Human Design when I first met it. No guru, no master required.



These videos are the result of my creative collaboration with Loki Krakower Riley from Shayan Studios in Ibiza.

They are drops of inspiration compressed through the density of the filmed medium and enriched with skilful and imaginative illustrating.


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