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It is said that one experience is worth more than a thousand words. Human Design Clinics are courses in which the charts of the participants are used as an example for a certain type of Analysis. For obvious reasons, this way of learning has the most impact as well as being the most trustworthy. The mechanical absolute of your design cannot be established by anybody else than you.

As analysts, all we can do is describe the mechanical patterns, always of a dualistic nature, and the human experiences that are most likely, for good and for bad, that are going to emerge out of that predisposition. But it is YOU, and only YOU, who sees himself or not mirrored through those themes.

The theoretical body of Human Design as fascinating as it is immense, but none of it is going to transform anyone if the human premises are not put into practice in the personal life.

These Clinics are an opportunity to penetrate one after the other all the layers and pieces into which our Not-Self mind had fragmented the wholeness of our identity, which is sustained by the awareness of the being that looks out of us from behind the mask.

If you would like to participate in one of these clinics next time they are offered, or if you would like to participate as an auditor at a discounted rate, please contact Alok HERE.

Radical Transformation Clinic

Human Design is probably not the first body of knowledge that is rooted in ‘loving oneself’, but it surely is the first one that goes way beyond representing a more or less challenging philosophy, because it offers an ‘instruction manual’ that describes a specific methodology for each individual.

Not in vane do we call it the Science of Differentiation. The level of differentiation that you get to experience is proportional to the dedication with which each individual experiments with the possibility of surrendering to their unique design.


Overview Analysis Clinic

There is no greater truth than the simple one. A simple truth that even children can grasp because it is based on something that is self-evident.

This is the beauty of Human Design, that no matter where you get lost in the depths of your subjectivity as you dive through the many layers of information that integrate the Synthesis of this outstanding body of knowledge, you can always come back for some air on the surface and refocus your awareness on what is humanly obvious and mechanically simple. And that is all to be found on the very surface of the Bodygraph.

Incarnation Cross Clinic

You know you can reach the passenger’s consciousness inside the vehicle when you know how to talk to their shadow through the lens of the Incarnation Cross.

It is there that we find the roots of the Not-Self’s attachment to the second hand purposes of the open centers, and it is there that, the longer we have lived, our incapacity to express our individual roles to the fullest truly can make life seem like just a heavy and heavier burden to carry.

There is nothing more freeing that ‘being taken’ by your Incarnation Cross, because this is when the passenger can start enjoying watching the display of the life of WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

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