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There was a time when becoming a professional analyst was the only way to go if you wanted to know more about what Human Design can reveal for you, but fortunately those times have passed.

There is a variety of ways that will allow you to move forward in your process and integrate the information rooted in your own individual existential dilemmas without having to hold anybody’s hand or follow any set path. This is what attracted me the most in Human Design when I first met it. No guru, no master required.

In this section you will find a variety of recorded courses and materials that can be the perfect complement both for the student in need of broadening their understanding of the knowledge or for any individual experimenting with the fundamental mechanical truths of their Design that is confronted with dilemmas that they need answers for in order to remain aligned and integrated with their process.

The courses listed below were offered by Alokanand Diaz through the IHDS in the course of the last five years or so, and they have already supported many on their journey towards self-mastery.

Below you will find a description about the main focus and contents of each of the courses. They incorporate all the graphic materials used in the classroom at the time.

The Genetic Imperative & Consciousness

‘Knowing oneself’ is nice, but there is so much of what goes normally associated with it that is still bounded within the philosophies and psychologies of seven centred conditionings. It is only within the restraints of humanity’s capacity to transcend the distortive power of the genetic imperative to reproduce, that ‘Know Thyself’ became the only natural place to go when human consciousness bounces back on itself as a result of the frustrations accumulated in the daily frictions of the personal connectivity that we have with others. “The ‘Other’ is Hell” is how J.P. Sartre put it. So much of what fuels homogenized pseudo-spiritualities is based on this.

This is what led seven centred human beings to believe that ‘Knowing Oneself’ was something philosophical and an end to itself, when it is not. The higher purpose of ‘Knowing Oneself’ is that only then is one fully prepared to embrace the surrendered experience of meeting one’s circumstance with awareness. Of course, nowhere does it make such a huge difference as when the circumstance manifests as the ‘Other’.


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The 64 Gates through the rave mandala

Gates can be looked at in many different ways, since of all the elements visible in the surface imprinting of any individual Rave Body Graph, a ‘hanging’ gate is the one element that can carry the greatest number of diversified values. Depending on whether the centre where the gate is active is defined or not, whether the centre it is pointing at is defined or not, or whether there are any and how many definitions in the same circuit of which the gate is a part, or whether its imprinting comes from the Sun or the Nodes or any of the other many planetary imprinting agents, the value of a gate can be interpreted in many different ways.

One way of looking at gates that for me is equally deep and simple in revealing the most transcendent themes inherent to each of the 64 hexagrams, is the place they occupy in their natural sequence around the wheel.


The 64 Role Models

It is since a long time that I wanted to work with the Rave I-Ching and was never really clear about the particular take that I wanted to have on it. It seemed to me like one could stay immersed in it for years, and that was something I always wanted to avoid.

One of the most inspiring ways for me to envision what the machinery of the 384 Lines looks like, as they establish the whole diversity of human archetypes on the surface of the Body Graph, is to look at the whole thing moving through six different floors, where of course the most interesting one is always the upper one because it holds the keys to the significance of what it means to live as a nine-centered human being.

The Ascendancy of the Projector

As an experiential emotional being with a 1 / 3 profile, I very much like to be able to sustain what I claim to know with what are my own personal observations in an empirical process. I remember the years when Ra was so powerfully insisting on hammering ‘The Way of the Generator’, that it was my Geometry to have a child with a Projector woman during that time, and obviously my curiosity as an investigator got so deeply absorbed with trying to understand the incredibly deep nuances and differences that make up the Projector as a type, a type that is the new leading archetype for the nine centered consciousness.

The Language of Cognition

The development of Cognition is the ultimate purpose of the evolution of any form of life. Human Design describes the fundamental differences in the cognitive architecture of a 7 centered and a 9 centered human being which makes the development of our potential for Self-reflected Consciousness deeply accessible and easy to grasp.

This seminar is an introduction to the mechanical aspects involved in the cognitive process of individual awareness, and is an invitation to those who participate in the program to start enjoying the journey of self-observation.

The 32 Nodal Polarities and the Passenger

This self-study course is a deeper look into the Nodes of the moon for both the Professional and those just curious. The Nodes represent our past and future and the environment we find ourselves in. They represent the backdrop of our lives and are a very important part of the “Cross of Life”.

In the Cross of Life we distinguish between the Sun/Earth and the Nodal Polarity. ‘Who we think we are’, the function determined by the Sun/Earth, is dependent on the stimulation that it receives from the environmental, or nodal perspective. This makes our Nodes of the Moon an interesting polarity to consider in any kind of Analysis.

Single, Double, Triple Definition Types

Definition is the core of an individual’s imprinting, and it is rarely fully understood that it is the ONLY thing that is trustworthy. It is the essential life force within an individual design, and its configuration reveals a human beings basic anatomy, both energetic and psychological.

In this self-study course we will explore Definition as an overall topic, with the main focus on both the light and dark sides of the three main types of definition: the single, the double and the triple split.

There are five lessons in this self-study program.

Polarities I and II

In my own learning curve with Human Design, I have been very fortunate in my Geometry to endure through its many mutations as it grew into what today is an incredibly mature body of knowledge. In comparison, we were very poorly equipped as professionals in the beginning. As a matter of fact, for quite a long period of time the only analytical key besides the capacity to read the Definition in the Body Graph was the Cross of Life. But what an amazing key it was.

Channels and Purpose

Everything is interconnected within the Body Graph, and that is why Human Design is a synthesis. The centres, channels and gates of the Body Graph can be seen and deconstructed in many different ways.

During this course we will learn to see the channels from a perspective that reveals the intrinsic purpose of their very life force, gaining access to a completely new level of keynoting the flow of information through the different streams.

This is a course that is open to anyone and can benefit the work of professional analysts and support the development of those involved in the process of becoming one.

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