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Analysis Services

All Analysis Services are offered live in the online office of Alokanand Diaz del Rio.  An initial Analysis is approximately 90 minutes in length and each following analysis is 60-90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the Design and the issues to be analyzed.  Accurate birth data is required for all Analysis sessions.  Once your order has been received you will be contacted by e-mail with a request to provide your birth data and to schedule your session.

Analysis Pricing Policy:
First Analysis is 300 Euros, for all additional Analysis Services booked, a 10% discount will be applied.

Individual Analysis 300.00€

The Individual Analysis has the potential to be the most important step a human being can take in this life and is the starting point on a journey towards self-mastery.

All the keys are given as an individually tailored manual for ‘No Fault Being’.

Partnership Analysis 300.00€

Is there anything more challenging than any kind of Partnership? Without our connection to others, ‘knowing oneself’ would not carry much purpose, would it?

Whether we are talking about relationships with lovers, family members, business partners or any other variation of human one on one interaction, a Human Design Composite Reading reveals everything you need to know to replace ‘guilt and blame’ with straightforward acceptance and honest communication.

Sexuality Analysis 300.00€

Given its transcendence, it is understandable that Sex has become and remains to be a taboo for way too many.

There are two things that everyone should know about the way things work within themselves in relationship to sexuality: Availability and Drive. Integrating those two keys with the natural flow of your individual design will allow you to discover the grace of your vehicle beyond its sexual nature, as a source for all kinds of non-verbal communication.

Family Analysis 300.00€

More than a reading, this is a clinical process. A Family Reading has to start with an overall diagnosis established through the mechanical Analysis of the family’s Penta configuration. This is where the unique functionality of the family can be seen, without that meaning that every participant experiences being a part of it in the same way. Essentially, it is a matter of using awareness to avoid that homogenization becomes a burden to the family life and to the individual development of each of its members.

Only when there is enough awareness in the group to deal respectfully with the individual demands of uniqueness is it possible to be enriched by the human experience of sharing the mundane plane together.

Solar Return Analysis 300.00€

Every year around our birthday the Sun returns to be in exactly the same position it was the moment that we came into the world and received the imprinting of what would become our transcendent role in this life.

The Analysis of the Rave Return provides precise information about the themes that take on an active function during that year of your Personality’s perspective on things.

Saturn Return Analysis 300.00€

If you are around 30 years of age, this could be the most beneficial analysis for you. This is where real life starts. It is around this cycle that we get to feel ready to express our individual role to the fullest. Much is still to be learned, but things are no longer strictly theoretical. True Substance is demanded, even in short term activities.

Uranus Opposition Analysis 300.00€

Anywhere between 38 – 43 years of age we experience the ‘Uranus Opposition’ which splits our lives literally in two halves. During that period, our perspective goes from focusing on ‘where we think we come from’ to focusing on ‘where we think we are moving towards’. In essence, it is change in our perception of movement altogether.

If you are in this range of age, then this is the most important piece of information that you can have access to, because it will provide you with an evolutionary framework that enhances and synthesizes the potential of your whole incarnation and journey.

Kiron Return Analysis 300.00€

The Kiron Return basically represents the potential flowering of wisdom in the life of the nine centered human being. The myth of Kiron is the myth of the ‘wounded healer’, which so deeply reveals the vanity and futility of the Not-Self, always ready to sacrifice for others and completely unable to look after itself.

Loving oneself is a form of enlightened selfishness that is never against anyone. The expression of this Self-love during the Kiron Return is rooted in what in Human Design is called outer authority. This is the fundamental ability of speaking for oneself, driven by the natural motivation for self-expression that moves all of us.

Transit Analysis 300.00€

Because of our unique configuration, there are moments in the evolution of things where our Design may seem to be specifically challenged by the activation of gates and/or channels by the planetary transiting field. The transit reading reveals the specific thematic of the forces impinging upon your Design and Consciousness at a certain time, often holding the keys to something ones has to learn to integrate in one’s every day consciousness.

Cross of Life Analysis 300.00€

This reading is the beginning step for those who are ready to embrace the geometry that emerges out of being surrendered to their strategy and inner authority. We are all born with two sets of polarities is each of our two calculations. One is the Sun / Earth polarity, which represents 70% of the imprinting of our differentiated form. The other is formed by the Nodes of the Moon, and they determine the evolutionary orientation of our journey through life. The juxtaposition of the Sun / Earth with the nodal polarity establishes the fundamental framework of our individuality. Understanding the signposts that the experienced analyst can provide allows for a deeper integration between the biological potentials of our form and the mythological potential of the personality.

4 Transformations Analysis 300.00€

The Science of Differentiation is the expression of the universal principles of form in human beings. Hence all radical transformation can only start with the body itself, and more specifically with the brain.


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