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In this section you will find a broad spectrum of IHDS Certified Programs that reflect the life long training that Alokanand Diaz has been through in his professional development. Today he is enabled to create out of his own depth of understanding the human form and the transition that it is going through in its cognitive potential.

In any area and level of the knowledge that he approaches as a teacher, the depth of the foundation of his understanding is combined with an integrated capacity to elaborate and synthesize information.

If you would like to participate in one of these trainings next time they are offered, or if you would like to participate as an auditor at a discounted rate, please contact Alok HERE.

PTL4 – Exam Preparation and Professional Development 300.00€



by Alokanand Díaz - August 4th - Ibiza & Online

This will be the first time in 24 years of dedication to teach the Human Design System in which I will try to synthesize the keys of the factors that turned me into a successful HD professional, besides the fact of having had the good fortune to collaborate personally with Ra Uru Hu and have him as my only teacher for more than 17 years.

In fact, the keys that determined my professional success are not very different from the ones that also determined his. The most fundamental of which is surely to allow the Human Design System to speak for itself, which is more complex in real practice than it sounds put like this. This will be a single-day seminar, during which I will also share a resume about the technical and practical issues that have helped me and contributed to optimize and give continuity to the success of my professional work.

Finally, I will also share with the participants a sequence for professional analysis that will set a foundation both to prepare the certification exam as much as to always have a clear point of departure and a clear sequence in the delivery of the information when you approach the individual analysis of the Rave Body Graph in any professional consultation.


Human Design is the Science of Differentiation, and it is form knowledge about the mechanical nature of being. Even though this way of calling it clearly points at the differences between types and their structural strategies for decision making and aura connectivity, which are the most obvious differences between human beings, the truth is that its deepest significance is rooted in the absolute uniqueness of our individual perception and the potential for the holistic awareness that we call ‘passenger consciousness’. We all carry the potential for experiencing self-reflected consciousness, which means that beyond learning how to survive in civilization and serve the genetic imperative to reproduce, we were all born with the potential to establish a unique and aware relationship with the totality that we are a part of. It is a deep sense of ‘being connected’ to that totality that used to come from the idea of God for seven centered humanity. But for us nine centered beings, God has proven to be nothing but the ultimate mental barrier of those who cannot live without filling up their existential inner void with some second hand belief. It is those beliefs that empowered the rational minds of seven centered humanity to take charge of it all. Out of it came the homogenized consciousness that we call the Not-Self.

Original Price: 1500$ = 1200€

Early Bird: 1400$ = 1150€


Traditionally, the research of the way in which the movement of planets within the solar system conditions our daily experience has always fallen under the scope of astrology, which carries something of the ‘mother of sciences’, if one considers for how long humanity has been practicing it. The yearning to comprehend the way we are connected to the whole is at the root of humanity’s mystical potential for the awakening of spirit consciousness.


In Human Design, we address this movement of the planets within the solar system as ‘The Program’, in reference to the way in which the planetary forces (that interfere with the light of the Sun) have conditioned our lives since the beginning of time, or since we started measuring it, I should better say, in order to recognize the purpose of our own evolution as a species.

The Incarna*on Cross Index is truly a whole body of study for itself. You do not need to know the IC to deliver a deep and effec*ve analysis about someone’s mechanical correctness. You really don’t. I have done that myself for at least the first 7 years of my professional development, and with rather encouraging results I must say. This makes the approach of both learning and teaching this knowledge unavoidably twofold. On one hand, we have the index itself, which is a perfectly sequenced evolu*onary program that runs on the yearly cycle of the Sun, while on the other we have the differen*a*ng value the IC can have in those who are fortunate enough to come to meet themselves and their true purpose in the very mundane circumstances of their daily life. There is no deeper joy that is possible for a human being. True purpose is not something we can find somewhere, but it is something we can only ‘give birth to’ through the awareness derived from our very surrender to the way the form principle and its founda*onal laws operate through us.

PTL1 – SEMESTER 1 900.00€

By the time you have completed the ‘General Training’ (Rave ABC & Cartography), the mind tends to be very busy trying to remember the different parts and views into which you have learned to deconstruct any Rave Body Graph that is laid out in front of you. The difficulty lies in putting all the pieces back together until they form a holistic mechanical unity in movement, or, what is the same, a human being experiencing the full spectrum of diversity in life. A human being, however, that is seen from a completely demystified black and white (red) perspective, in which the homogenized personality is always being faced with helplessness and incompetence as a bottom line existential dilemma. “We are objects moving in space”, Ra Uru Hu would say.

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