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In this section you will find a variety of recorded courses and materials that can be the perfect complement both for the student in need of broadening their understanding of the knowledge or for any individual experimenting with the fundamental mechanical truths of their Design that is confronted with dilemmas that they need answers for in order to remain aligned and integrated with their process.

The courses listed below were offered by Alokanand Diaz through the IHDS in the course of the last five years or so, and they have already supported many on their journey towards self-mastery.

Astrology & Human Design 90.00€

Though I have never considered myself a professional astrologer, in my inner search to find a way to integrate the diversity with the oneness, I did arrive to Human Design through the branch of Astrology. Many years ago, very much at the beginning of my career with professional Human Design, I was invited to do a little workshop where I would underline both the similarities and the differences between both systems. In four evenings I took on the job of describing the blessings that it meant for me going from a system where everything would rely on my interpretation to one in which my interpretation, or anybody else’s for that matter, was simply unnecessary, because the knowledge was coming alive in the Rave Body Graph and simply speaking for itself. 4 sessions of 90 minutes each - 90 Euro

The Program is NOT your Life - 2016 239.00€
A fascinating journey around the Rave Mandala, following the sequence of the Sun and its planetary Orchestra, guided by the experienced voice of Alokanand Diaz in an absolutely unedited seminar in the world of Human Design.

With the focus placed on the changing weather that exists in the neutrino ocean and in the impact it will have on the mind of human beings in the 3 weeks that follow after each of the 16 sessions that make up this extraordinary seminar, during the complete year of its duration participants will learn how to deconstruct the planetary climate for themselves at an overview level at any given time.

16 sessions of approximately 90 minutes each.

Rave Sociology and the Rave I Ching 900.00€

9 days - 4 90-minute sessions per day

Downloadable Classroom Videos, audios and images

Despite the number of times that Ra Uru Hu mentioned that the Rave I-Ching is a catalogue of homogenized roles of the Not-Self - very particularly the text that references its 384 lines - it is clear that this is something that has not been completely assimilated by anyone, not even by those that have entered to study the Human Design System in depth. What this means is that in reality, the Rave I-Ching is a catalogue of human roles that are diminished to simple characters when the individuals that embody them express them within the constraints of ‘normality’.

Nobody ignores that the world of the Not-Self is nothing more than an absurdly homogenized movie of ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’, of ‘winners and losers’, of ‘men and women’… which has been running of the screen since immemorial times and is reproduced by each new generation of human beings that are born to put their shoulder to the great wheel of evolution of the forms of life, amongst which we humans tend to identify with a starring role.

It has been a long time since I wanted to penetrate into each of the 384 lines of the Rave I-Ching, and allow myself to share the flow of my own understanding with others in regard to it, for which I have speculated with different formats and formulas for rather long. Finally I have managed to structure a model that is fair to the enormous importance that the Rave I-Ching has in our individual differentiation process, and simultaneously certifies what Ra wanted us to understand from the very first moment.

Keynoting 240.00€
“The irony of what it is to be a human being is that we are caught at the surface of understanding and accepting our nature and the cosmos around us. It doesn't matter how intelligent we are, there is a vast underlying ignorance of how our bodies operate.” Ra Uru Hu

Once the student is familiar with the specific values of any single centre, channel or gate, the greatest challenge is in not becoming overwhelmed by the amount of information that is suddenly available when looking at the surface of the Rave Body Graph.

The capacity to look at any Rave Body Graph with a holistic mechanical eye starts with being able to clearly identify the sequence and the hierarchy of keynotes that will best allow you to string together sentences that are absolutely precise and deep in their logic, and yet simple enough to be easily assimilated by any newcomer to human design. It is about learning to describe everyday human experience with simple and coherent keynotes. Now, this is easily said, but the most difficult thing to accomplish in praxis.

The art of Keynoting is rooted in the mastery of describing what anyone can see on the very surface of the Rave body graph, in a language that is both accurate and deep in its mechanical descriptions. In order to be able to do this, one first needs to master how to 'Keynote' each of the graphical elements as they operate by themselves, and then move on to do the same thing with the way they are connected and relate to each other at every possible level, always using the keynotes of type and its corresponding psychological dilemmas as a synthesizing and orchestrating tool. Quite a few layers of keynotes to structure before one learns how to see them all operating at the same time as an expression of an individual's life force.

I will have worked on those skills for 22 years by the time of teaching this, and I have decided to create this live process as an attempt to make a stop in my process and integrate a complete map of the 'Keynoting' skills, as they have crystallized in me over all these years of personal work and dedication trying to transmit them to others.

Planetary Forces 40.00€

Despite the extraordinary importance of planetary positions in the configuration of the individual design, the planets really never show up until you are about to become a professional analyst, and even then there is merely a superficial introduction that is done about their contribution to our potential for unique differentiation. Also given in Toronto in the spring of 2010, this is possibly the most extensive lecture on the planetary forces that was ever given in public. In it I introduce the planetary values as they are structured in the Lunar and Planetary Square in advanced Human Design studies.

1 Session of 90 minutes – 40 euro

The 12 Cusp Gates 40.00€

This seminar is another jewel in bridging Human Design and astrology, produced in Toronto in the spring of 2010. The overlapping of the ‘I – Ching’ around the astrological wheel is the magic that makes everything possible in the Human Design System. The 12 cusp gates that bridge the astrological signs have a very significant position and each of them reveals so much about the inherent contradictions of astrology in the attributes it gives to each astrological sign.

1 session of 90 minutes – 40 Euro

Special Offer 130.00€

Astrology & Human Design + The 12 Cusp Gates + Planetary Forces

Special Offer – all three lectures for 130 euro

Channels and Purpose 250.00€

During this course we will learn to see the channels from a perspective that reveals the intrinsic purpose of their very life force, gaining access to a completely new level of keynoting the flow of information through the different streams. This is a course that is open to anyone and can benefit the work of professional analysts and support the development of those involved in the process of becoming one.

There are five 90 min lessons in this self-study program.

Human Design for Life 100.00€

For several years I have had the desire to approach and share the basics of Human Design from an angle that does not serve the accumulation of knowledge leading to some level of certification, but rather helps to make an immediate difference in the way you see things happening in and around yourself as your personal life unfolds breath after breath.

Weather you are at home with some of your beloveds, in the supermarket surrounded by strangers, or at work dealing with ‘colleagues’ that regularly move in and out of your aura, the Human Design System has always been presented as a manual for ‘No Fault Being’. As Ra used to say it: “There is nothing to be fixed, because nothing is broken,” and it is so true.

As an unaware reaction to the personal conditionings that we take in during the first seven years of our lives, our minds would like to become ‘conditioners’, because that seems to be the only way to have some sense of purpose in a life that was never meant to be lived out in this way, with your mind being always ahead of you and literally ‘standing in your own way’. So, we could say that this is not a course for the learning of Human Design, but this is a course where you can learn about the awe-inspiring predictability of the human mind, starting with your own.

Original Price: 300€

The Genetic Imperative & Consciousness 18.00€

‘Knowing oneself’ is nice, but there is so much of what goes normally associated with it that is still bounded within the philosophies and psychologies of seven centred conditionings. It is only within the restraints of humanity’s capacity to transcend the distortive power of the genetic imperative to reproduce, that ‘Know Thyself’ became the only natural place to go when human consciousness bounces back on itself as a result of the frustrations accumulated in the daily frictions of the personal connectivity that we have with others. “The ‘Other’ is Hell” is how J.P. Sartre put it. So much of what fuels homogenized pseudo-spiritualities is based on this.

This is what led seven centred human beings to believe that ‘Knowing Oneself’ was something philosophical and an end to itself, when it is not. The higher purpose of ‘Knowing Oneself’ is that only then is one fully prepared to embrace the surrendered experience of meeting one’s circumstance with awareness. Of course, nowhere does it make such a huge difference as when the circumstance manifests as the ‘Other’.

The 64 Gatest through the rave mandala 300.00€

Gates can be looked at in many different ways, since of all the elements visible in the surface imprinting of any individual Rave Body Graph, a ‘hanging’ gate is the one element that can carry the greatest number of diversified values. Depending on whether the centre where the gate is active is defined or not, whether the centre it is pointing at is defined or not, or whether there are any and how many definitions in the same circuit of which the gate is a part, or whether its imprinting comes from the Sun or the Nodes or any of the other many planetary imprinting agents, the value of a gate can be interpreted in many different ways.

One way of looking at gates that for me is equally deep and simple in revealing the most transcendent themes inherent to each of the 64 hexagrams, is the place they occupy in their natural sequence around the wheel.

Single, Double, Triple Definition Types 250.00€

Definition is the core of an individual’s imprinting, and it is rarely fully understood that it is the ONLY thing that is trustworthy. It is the essential life force within an individual design, and its configuration reveals a human beings basic anatomy, both energetic and psychological. In this self-study course we will explore Definition as an overall topic, with the main focus on both the light and dark sides of the three main types of definition: the single, the double and the triple split.

There are five lessons in this self-study program.

The 64 Role Models 250.00€

Every 6th Line holds keys that reveal something essential about the transition that we are going through, and the best way to grasp them is to see them as they move thematically along the upper floor through all the different streams and circuits of the Body Graph.

This course is not just for those who may be carriers of the 6th line archetype in their Profile, but it is open and very suiting to any student of Human Design that wants to deepen their understanding of both circuitry and lines.

This course was originally taught in the IHDS by Alokanand Diaz in 2010. There are eleven 90 min lessons in this self-study program.

The Ascendancy of the Projector 250.00€

The focus of the course will be on the potential impact that each of the 22 projected channels can have as an initiator and guide for the awareness of our transitional form that is oriented towards the mutation of Solar Plexus Consciousness.

This course was originally taught in the IHDS by Alokanand Diaz in 2008. There are eleven 90 min lessons in this self-study program.

The Language of Cognition 125.00€

The development of Cognition is the ultimate purpose of the evolution of any form of life. Human Design describes the fundamental differences in the cognitive architecture of a 7 centered and a 9 centered human being which makes the development of our potential for Self-reflected Consciousness deeply accessible and easy to grasp.

This seminar is an introduction to the mechanical aspects involved in the cognitive process of individual awareness, and is an invitation to those who participate in the program to start enjoying the journey of self-observation.

The self-study program is divided into three sessions: Color, Tone and Left/Right Cognition

The 32 Nodal Polarities and the Passenger 250.00€

This self-study course is a deeper look into the Nodes of the moon for both the Professional and those just curious. The Nodes represent our past and future and the environment we find ourselves in. They represent the backdrop of our lives and are a very important part of the “Cross of Life”.

In the Cross of Life we distinguish between the Sun/Earth and the Nodal Polarity. ‘Who we think we are’, the function determined by the Sun/Earth, is dependent on the stimulation that it receives from the environmental, or nodal perspective. This makes our Nodes of the Moon an interesting polarity to consider in any kind of Analysis.

There are 11 lessons in this self-study program.

Polarities I & II 500.00€

This course was originally taught in the IHDS by Alokanand Diaz in 2008. There are eleven 90 min lessons in this self-study program.

Course Index:

Semester # 01 – Alokanand Diaz elaborates on the mechanical correspondence that exists in the Rave Body Graph between any two of the 32 Gate Polarities that are there around the Human Design Mandala. This first semester emphasizes each of the 32 Polarities through the perspective of the Quarters of Initiation and Civilization.

Semester # 02 – In this second part, Alokanand Diaz emphasizes less on the mechanics of the Gates themselves, as they have been thoroughly deconstructed during the first part, and focuses his attention more on the transcendent nuances brought about through the perspective placed on the Quarters of Duality and Mutation.

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