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These videos are the result of my creative collaboration with Loki Krakower Riley from Shayan Studios in Ibiza. They are drops of inspiration compressed through the density of the filmed medium and enriched with skilful and imaginative illustrating.

The Numbers of Uniqueness 10.00€

A masterpiece that holds the humor to the basic limitations of the human Personality`s experience of Uniqueness. Watch Alokanand Diaz on his first original Video creation in collaboration with Shayan Studios.

2027 Mutation Lecture 36.00€


Life is Mystery and it has always been this way. The Human Design System is entirely based on logic, yes, but if this fundamental and organic logic would take away the quality of Mystery from its existential manifestations, then I for one would certainly not have dedicated the last 23 years to understand the revealed mechanics of the Maia and live my daily live according to that understanding.

In my own personal life, Human Design has made all the difference already, and it continues to do so every single day one way or another. But it is one thing to discover one's own absolute in the daily experimentation with certain human mechanics, and it is another entirely different to pretend to establish any kind of absolute that supposedly is true for everyone. It is in this skeptical light that the announced mutation of the Solar Plexus Center in 2027 has to be seen, and not as something to believe in, or even something that can mean a lot to any of us individually, because it doesn't.

The mutation of the SP Center is about the evolutionary direction of humanity as a whole, and not something that we can necessarily recognize the symptoms of in our own little personal movie, but rather in the deep dilemmas that are opening up in all human sociological and institutional structures as we move closer every year to that fascinating place of transition.

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